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RamRide Sponsorship

RamRide is excited to offer sponsorship opportunities for apartment complexes!

RamRide, CSU’s safe ride program, is the largest safe ride program of its kind in the nation! RamRide operates 6 vehicles Thursday nights (10pm-2am), and 19 vehicles Friday and Saturday nights (10pm-3am). The RamRide vehicles and office are staffed with student volunteer drivers, navigators, and dispatchers, and 2 paid student staff members each night of operations. RamRide has 106 volunteers every weekend, and on average, provides a ride home for 1,150 patrons each weekend. In the 2016-2017 academic year, RamRide provided free, safe, non-judgmental rides home to 30,012 patrons.

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FALL 2018 Semester Weekends

RamRide Platinum weekend average 1,300+ patrons - $600

RamRide Gold weekend average 1,100 - 1,299 patrons - $500

RamRide Green weekend average 850 - 1,099 patrons - $400

 Becoming a sponsor of RamRide will include the following benefits:

  • Social media shout outs
  • Logo placement on RamRide’s homepage for the week
  • Personalized slide in RamRide’s volunteer training presentation
  • Opportunity for RamRide volunteers to distribute swag to RamRide patrons in car*
  • Logo placed on the back of RamRide vehicles’ headrests.
  • Priority drop off location for the weekend – if a patron requests a ride home to your complex, their ride request will be moved to the top of the queue!

*Type and amount of swag must be approved by RamRide staff before distribution.